Build lessons like never before.

Not a programmer?

No problem. Crio enables anyone to create interactive, online resources using elements designed to foster higher-order thinking.

At Curriculum Pathways we’re so passionate about education that in addition to building our resources, we’re now also giving you the tools to build your own.

Be innovative

Build and share lessons using elements designed for educators and based on proven pedagogy.

Start from scratch or remix others' work.

Create an entirely new approach or remix and build on the best work of your peers, adapting it to the specific needs of your students.

Share best practices, build on each other’s expertise, exploit synergies, and extend what works—rather than simply rediscovering what we already know.

Enable others to remix work you have done—whether that’s entirely your own vision or a synthesis of your work and the work of others.

Enable critical thinking.

Choose from a variety of question types, not simply multiple choice. Crio offers several element types based on proven pedagogical practices.

Add links to other resources and apps to build robust problem and project-based learning projects.

Connect broader concepts within a unit, course, or subject with Collections. Build a Collection from lessons you’ve created, lessons from the Crio community, or a combination of both.

Provide instructional feedback.

Move beyond simple right or wrong responses to offer explanations, suggestions, and encouragement in ways that stimulate curiosity and promote higher learning.

Add images, tables, and other elements in your feedback to further support students as they learn independently.

Be empowered

Contribute to a repository of lessons that foster higher-order thinking skills; deliver your work directly to students’ devices.

Crio helps you expand your reach.

Go beyond your classroom, department, and district.

Your best ideas can now reach students around the world. Embed your lessons on your own website or LMS for other educators and students to access.

Share your lessons created with Crio and reach millions of users around the world!

Share more than just the lesson.

Take advantage of the collective knowledge of our growing community of global educators. Collaborate with others by providing and accessing suggestions, notes, strategies, and links to other resources.

Share best-practices and opportunities for differentiation and supporting diverse learners.

Encourage student accountability.

Take advantage of the Curriculum Pathways portfolio where students can save, manage, and send their work.

No more excuses about losing papers or forgetting work at home.

Crio consolidates all of your lesson plans online--accessible anytime from anywhere.

About Us

One of the world's largest privately held software companies, SAS was founded in academia and has maintained strong ties to the academic community. In 1996 our founders issued a challenge: could we use our expertise to produce technologies that enhance learning?

Curriculum Pathways is our answer to that challenge.

Our products make learning more profound and efficient, not simply more entertaining. Audio, visual, and interactive components all reinforce the educational objectives identified by teachers. Curriculum Pathways earns awards for educational technologies and, more importantly, we earn the support of teachers, students, and parents.

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