SAS Flash Cards

Create, learn, and share flash cards. Download and play decks in any subject, create new decks in a variety of question formats, and share your decks with others.

Available for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch.

SAS Gloss

Support a paperless workflow in the classroom. Layer text, images, and drawings on photos or PDF documents - worksheets, tests, and quizzes. Turn on graph paper or draw elaborate scenes. Share with teachers, family, or friends.

Available for iPad.

SAS Data Notebook

Help students take control of their learning and monitor their progress with built-in templates for mission statements, goals, checklists, plus/deltas, and histograms. A "blank page" template lets students load pictures, drawings, and more. Students can also add sections to set, monitor, and reflect on their goals.

Available for iPad.
Page Types

SAS Read Aloud

Teach and guide early readers. Access numerous books with three reading modes: Read to Me, Help Me Read, and Read by Myself. Parents, teachers, and students can record themselves so readers can see words highlighted and hear a familiar voice.

Available for iPad.
Reading Modes

SAS Math Stretch

SAS Math Stretch provides a suite of activities that develops elementary math skills and number sense.

  • Exercises target counting, number relations and operations, and telling and manipulating time (iPad only).
  • Settings allow students, parents, and teachers to control the level of difficulty for each activity.
  • Practice sessions and completed quizzes can be shared with parents and teachers.
Available for iPad and Google Play.
Android app on Google Play Activities